SPAR and Wine

Published on: 2012-08-06
SPAR and Wine
With the introduction of new shelf layout plans since the spring of this year, it is important to have sufficient knowledge of wine to accompany the new layout.

To meet this need, 4 groups of trainees began a new wine course in April of this year. The course was developed with the assistance of experts in the field. Such elements as taste, grape varietals, countries of origin, possible combinations with food, etc are included in the course. The training ensures that the trainees receive excellent advice from a professional trainer who has an in depth knowledge of wine.

The first trainees have already begun adapting in their supermarkets the lessons learned during the three day training course. With their new knowledge, they are able to suggest the correct wine to accompany a meal, as a gift or simply as a great drink to enjoy.
A further two groups will receive training in September of this year, with plans to continue this course depending on demand.
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