SPAR Beijing-JD Online Shop Strategic Cooperation

Published on: 2014-04-30
SPAR Beijing-JD Online Shop Strategic Cooperation
Chief Logistic Planning of Hou Yi visits SPAR Beijing on the morning April 2 2014 and signs a MOU of O2O strategic cooperation with General Manager Xiao Ying on behalf of SPAR Beijing.

Xiao Ying introduced to the journalist from CCFA and Beijing Commercial Newspaper, firstly, SPAR Beijing and shall work together on fresh products delivery, SPAR Beijing layout its stores in a various regions including Fangshan District, Fengtai District, Chaoyang District, Daxing District in Beijing and Zhuozhou in Hebei, serving consumers with fresh products and delivery service integrating its online and offline strategy, catering the consumers’ requirement for freshness, quality and efficiency. The delivery distance within 1 mile orders will be distributed by SPAR Stores, while the distance over 1 mile, the orders will be distributed by SPAR Beijing DC; secondly, SPAR Beijing plans to launch its full ranges on

Considering the increasing operation cost, Xiao Ying also introduced, omni-channel business is a must to meet diverse needs of consumer especially young people. To fulfill fresh delivery and temperature requirements, SPAR Beijing has to invest cold supply chain facilities and manpower, which may cause a higher operation costs and less profit; however, it is a worthy move to offering easy, fresh, quality and value products and service for more consumers. will open its membership system, logistic system, supplying chain system, procurement system and IT system and offer offline retailer its full packaged e-commerce Eco-Chain IT solutions. SPAR Beijing seeks opportunities to cooperate with more partners to provide diverse and individual service for consumers and to improve their operation and service benefiting from the E-commerce technology and platform.
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