SPAR Beijing Opens New Store in Zhangfang

Published on: 2019-08-10

On August 10, SPAR Beijing opens a 400 SQM store in Zhangfang Ancient Town of Beijing Suburb, near the entrance of the Zhangfang Ancient War Defense site, providing more convenience for tourists near this thousands of years old ancient town.

SPAR Beijing had one store in this area for many years, and is a leading provider for local residents with essential necessities, meeting the needs of residents' "food basket" and other daily life needs. The newly opened SPAR Beijing Zhangfang Store also focuses more on providing customers with a comfortable shopping environment and shopping experience. 
Zhangfang Ancient Town is becoming a new spot in the southwestern Beijing suburbs that attracts high-end tourism investment. The two store together will jointly bring more quality and convenience for the local community and tourists. 

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle
SPAR Beijing has always been advocating a healthy lifestyle to its customers, providing customers many healthy diet programs for the "Less Sugar, Less Salt" concept. And fresh food department in the store covers seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, and also some "To-Go" deli options, and giving customers a strong impression of season and freshness.

More Convenience to Continue Improving Shopping Experience
“Everything should be customer-centric – creating value for customers is our strategy and guideline! We must always put our eyes on consumers!”, as Madam Xiao always says, who is the Managing Director of SPAR Beijing. Therefore, in every new store, in addition to providing customers with quality products, SPAR Beijing always tries to embed more additional service as well, like free drinking water, umbrellas, free tasting, microwave heating or other convenient services. It also introduces a variety of cashier ways, like self-check out counters, face payment, etc. to save customers' time.

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