SPAR BGY Jeda Store Grand Opening

Published on: 2018-09-26
SPAR BGY Jeda Store Grand Opening in Huangjiang Town, Guangdong
On September 15 Saturday, SPAR Guangdong opened a new neighborhood store near the Gongchang Highway Exit in Huangjiang town, Dongguan City, becoming the second SPAR store in the town.

With a retail sales area of 500m², the store boasts over 3,000 SKUs, offering great choice from fresh and deli food to drinks and household items. In addition to that, the store includes cosmetics, fresh meat, and seafood sections to meet increasing demands on health and fresh lifestyle.

The store has been equipped with SPAR’s best design concept, which features archaize flooring, white marble countertop, wood paneling cabinets, comfortable lighting and beige wall painting which making customers feel at home in the store. In addition to creating a great atmosphere in the store, a key focus has been placed on store signage and an easy-to-navigate floor plan.

The SPAR store also makes use of modern retail technologies including self-checkout system, self-scaling and smart payment solutions to give shoppers a faster and more convenient shopping experience.

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