SPAR BJ 2012 Future Leader Training Programme

Published on: 2012-11-27
huaguan future leader training programme
SPAR Beijing 2012 Future Leader Training Programme Kicked off
On the morning of November 14 2012, the first “Future leader training camp” was kicked off at the headquarters’ NO.1 meeting room after a long time preparation. This training programme is designed to develop and train more qualified management leaders for stores, providing good staffing guarantee for the next year’s new store opening strategy.
Liu Weijiang, fresh department head of Liangxiang store, gave a speech on behalf of all the trainees and read out Huaguan Declaration loudly with all of the audiences. Chairman Mrs. Xiao shared his experience on team building and self-discipline. She encouraged all of the trainees to set up a clear objective in mind and choose a best way to prove their own values and beliefs.

This training programme was designed and organized by HR department with 28 trainees. Those trainees are the excellent staff, middle level or high level managers, as well as department key employees. This programme was developed with the assistance of experts in the field, more than 23 professionals from various positions will be invited as trainers in classroom, and 28 masters in different job positions will be the practical operation trainers. This training programme will last one month, all the trainees are expected to clearly understand their work methods and skills, so as to develop to be a qualified leader in the future.
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