SPAR BJ Celebrates Store Reopening

Published on: 2017-07-25
SPAR Beijing Guanzhuang Store
SPAR Beijing Celebrates Guanzhuang Store Reopening
On Saturday July 15th, SPAR Beijing kicks off grand celebrations marking the reopening of SPAR Guanzhuang store. This community-based newly renovated SPAR retail store was launched since September 2010, offering a wide range of fresh produce, groceries and food service to improve the quality of life of local people.

The retailing selling area of this store is adjusted to be 1,200 sqm from the previous 2,000 sqm.  Within the 1,200 sqm of selling area, shoppers are offered about 6,000 SKU’s. There is a strong fresh assortment including fruit and vegetables, deli, fresh meat counter and food to go. The fresh offer is complemented by 150 SKU’s of household daily necessities and non-food products.  

Madam Xiao Ying, the general manager of SPAR Beijing Huaguan Commerce Company, comments: “Convenience, Quality and Honest, this is the philosophy of SPAR Beijing. We continue to innovate to meet customer’s needs and enhance shopping experience. We are striving to create the best retail store and be a good neighbor serving the community.” This newly innovated SPAR Guanzhuang Store offers 40% fresh assortments, a community-based distinctive supermarket that is differentiated from other formats. SPAR Beijing is excited to announce the Company plans to open about 20 new stores by the end of 2017.

The SPAR Guanzhuang Store is leveraging the knowledge of SPAR International, creating an impressive look and feel mixing the red-ribbon elements, a simpler and more pastoral mood, themed displaying, and the best lighting options, highlighting the beauty and elegance of modern retail environment.
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