SPAR BJ General Manger Nominated

Published on: 2015-11-02
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SPAR Beijing General Manger Nominated for National Moral Model

On October 13, the fifth National Moral Model Awards ceremony organized in Beijing. Mrs. Xiao Ying, the general manager of SPAR Beijing, has been named as “Honest and Trustworthy” National Moral Model. The program is organized approximately every two years jointly by China Central Civilization Office, All-China Federation of Labor, the Central Committee of the Communist Young League and All-China Women's Federation, the top-level, largest-scale and widest awarding program in China. It takes about six months to name 265 moral models nominees and decide 62 national moral models after careful and fair process of recommendation, review, selection, public supervision, mass voting and committee assessment.

This is not only the prestigious honor of Mrs. Xiao Ying herself and her company, but also the greatest honor of retailing industry that encourage retailers to build a healthy retailing environment of Honesty and Trustworthy. President Xi Jinping also made important comments on this issue and extended high tribute and warm congratulations to the great Models.

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