SPAR BJ Help Growers Sell Apples at Store

Published on: 2016-01-06
SPAR Beijing Help Growers Sell Apples at Store

SPAR Beijing’s buying manager Li Zheng arrived at Yanqing once he learned about apple growers’ sales worry from local news program, his set up sales solution with local growers, design and print packaging boxes. Buying, packing, delivering completed in just one day with assistance of his co-workers. Early morning on December 9, apples directly supplied from Yanqing orchards are available at SPAR store.

SPAR Beijing is a leading retailing company of Fangshan District, Beijing. It has helped hundreds of fruits growers and fresh producers to distribute their slow-moving products, calling for more citizens and local units support this program. All fruits and fresh produce available at SPAR stores are natural products followed strict quality control standards.

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