SPAR BJ Honored TOP 10 Retailers

Published on: 2014-07-07
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SPAR Beijing Honored the TOP 10 Growing-type Retailers in China
The 9th China Retailer Conference & Retailing Fair, organized by China General Chamber of Commerce, is formally opened at Kunshan Jiangsu at the evening of May 27 2014. At the opening ceremony, the 2nd 2013-2014 Annual Top 10 Growing-type Retailers in China are unveiled which is jointly appraised and selected by China commercial think tanks, IBMG and various retailing institutions. Mr. Chen Bangzhu, a member of the 10th national committee of CPPCC, former minister of domestic trade ministry, has given the models of honor for the TOP 10 retailers.

The top 10 retailers include:
SPAR Beijing (Beijing Huaguan Commercial Operation Co., Ltd.), Guizhou Heli Shopping Co., Ltd., Hunan Jiarunduo Supermarket Co., Ltd., Hebei Jialeyuan Business & Trade Co., Ltd., Guangdong 1+1 Commerce Chains Co., Ltd., Tianjin Jinyuanbao Shopping Mall Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lvhezi Network Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Zuokayi E-Commerce Co., Ltd., Guangdong Aiyaya Food Chain Co., Ltd., Hubei Liangpinpuzi Food Co., Ltd..

The 2nd China Top 10 Growing-type Retailers were appraised and selected from various potential formats and business organizations after a series of recommendation, discussion and appraisement procedures by China commercial think tanks IBMG together with authorities from various retailing institutions of China General Chamber of Commerce, China Commerce Association of General Merchandise, Alibaba Group, China Business Trade Magazine Agency, Retailer Business College Magazine Agency, Retail World Magazine, E-Future, Heading Information Technology.
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