SPAR BJ Initiated Food Safety Enterprises Alliance

Published on: 2013-04-01
SPAR Beijing Initiated Food Safety Enterprises Alliance
The government is going to set up a food and pharmaceutical supervision bureau to ease and solve the severe food safety situation in China, and more enterprises spontaneously contribute their efforts on a safe food consumption environment with their strong social responsibilities. Therefore, On March 13th, SPAR Beijing initiated and built up Beijing Fangshan District Food Safety Enterprises Alliance with the commission in providing safe and reliable food, promised to fulfill their duty with scientific attitude, high liability awareness and professional ethics.

It is reported that the alliance consists of Huaguan, Merrymart, Carrefour, COFCO The Cereal Way, Bishengyuan, Beijing Jinfan farm and the like, totally 26 members, sectors ranging from planting, growing, farming, fishing & breeding, processing, food preparation, food & beverage enterprises and other up and down retailing enterprises.

Members have promised on the foundation ceremony of the alliance, they shall enhance the overall process management of ingredients receiving, production process control, goods distribution supervision, as well as goods stocking and transportation; implementing the policies of production steps, keeping the actual records and machine accounts, following governmental food regulations, supervising each step of process, therefore to ensure the food quality and safety.

The key officer of the alliance also expressed, all members shall strictly execute governmental food safety standard and food additives policy and regulatory measures, don’t produce, operate and use any undesirable food additives, don’t overdose on any farm chemical, animal drugs and chemical additives. Any enterprise which abuse and/or illegally adopt bad food additive, the principal or the person in charge shall voluntarily bear legal responsibility. 

As March 15th consumer rights day approaching, SPAR Beijing planned its consumer rights protection movement for all returns and refunds service. 
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