SPAR BJ Kicked off 2017 Work Conference

Published on: 2017-03-06
SPAR Beijing Kicked off 2017 Work Conference
SPAR China’s partner Huaguan Commerce in Beijing organized a conference on February 26 and February 27 2017, which brings together all SPAR Beijing people with a common dream to kickoff a new journey in 2017. Chairman of SPAR Beijing Mr. Zhang Bing, General Manager Madam Xiao Ying, and department managers, directors and store managers are gathered together to review the work performance in 2016 and discuss about year 2017 work schedules. SPAR Beijing team are fully aware the importance of retailing reform and innovations.

Chairman Zhang Bing emphasized the vision of SPAR Beijing, goals and commissions. “To achieve our common business goals and objectives, SPAR people have to embrace the changing world, continue to innovate our products and service, grasp opportunities and work efficiently.” General Manager Madam Xiao Ying put forward her ambitious of business growth in the changing retail market. She commented: “We must maintain a stable growth in 2017, but cut profit is not an option for us.” Other departmental managers and directors also gave their powerful presentations in the conference. 
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