SPAR BJ Lehuocheng Store Grand Open

Published on: 2018-02-06
SPAR Beijing Lehuocheng Store Grand Open on 3 Feb.
SPAR Beijing unveils a new store at Lehuocheng Community on Feburary 3 2018, the first SPAR store in Beijing incorporating food court into supermarket. This new store is located at a densely populated community with convenient transportation and strong consumption power.

This new store has a retail selling space of 5,000 sqm with more than 15,000 products, the largest supermarket in local Yancun commercial circle, serving over 100,000 consumers from 30,000 households within the surrounding 5 km. In the new retailing context, this is the most innovative new retailing concept of SPAR Beijing combining traditional grocery store with a large food court and in-store eating area, operating in both online and offline models.

There is a market-like fruit and vegetable section at the entrance to the store. Fruits and vegetables are displayed creatively with the colors appear more vibrant, attractive, and more tempting to customers. The dry goods section, mom & baby section and other non-food sections are separated with fresh food area, making it easier for customers to find products they need. In this new store, there are totaling 14 checkout counters and two additional temporary checkout counters. Meanwhile, the U-shaped store layout is designed to keep customers in store and increase sales.

Worth to mention, SPAR Beijing incorporates a new concept “Guan Fresh” with an operating area of 400 sqm into the store. “Guan Fresh” is divided into “the Raw” area and “the Cooked” area. "The Raw" area offers fresh meat, seafood, staple food, pastries and noodles, while "the Cooked area" features with various ready-to-eat meals solutions and in-store seafood restaurant. There are quality and various types of Boston lobster, king crab, fish, seashells available at the seafood section, where provides on-site cooking services, and customers can enjoy the delicious seafood in store.
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