SPAR BJ Listed as 2013 TOP 100 Chain Retailers

Published on: 2014-06-03
SPAR Beijing Listed as 2013 TOP 100 Chain Retailers
China Chain Store & Franchise Association released 2013 China Top 100 Chain Retailers recently; SPAR Beijing was ranked at 88th of TOP 100.
TOP 100 Chain Retailers’ sales increased 9.9% YOY to RMB 2.04 trillion in 2013, the sales growth rate hit a record low, and it is down to a single-digit figure for the first time since CCFA starts making the top 100 lists.

CCFA comments, TOP 100 chain retailers’ store number went up by 7.6%, or 6600 new stores to totaling 95,000. The sales reached 2.04 trillion yuan with an increase of 9.9% in 2013, while the growth rate is significant lower than 21% in 2012. Chinese retail industry is coming into a steady, albeit slow, development path.

14 retailers from Beijing were listed in TOP 100 list, which ranked the first nationwide. Those 14 retailers’ sales amount has achieved 334.8 billion yuan, 15.4% of national sales amount, among which one retailer’s sales is over 100 billion yuan, nine retailers’ sales is over 10 billion yuan. The average growth rate of these 14 retailers is 12.6%. SPAR Beijing, as local independent retailer of Fangshan District in Beijing, with sales growth rate 51.5%, is ranked at the top of sales growth rate.

SPAR Beijing was ranked at the 45th (the 51th in 2012) of China Top 100 FMCG Chain Retailers 2013 which was released simultaneously.
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