SPAR BJ Mrs Xiao Ying: 2015 Beijing Role Model!

Published on: 2016-01-06
Mrs Xiao Ying
SPAR Beijing Mrs Xiao Ying: 2015 Beijing Role Model!

The 2015 Beijing Role Model awarding ceremony kicked off on the evening of December 28, 2015, broadcast on Beijing Satellite Television on the evening of January 5 2016. This program was hosted by Beijing Municipal Publicity Department, Capital Civilization Office and sponsored by Beijing Radio and Television, Beijing People’s Radio, Beijing Television. SPAR Beijing’s general manager Mrs. Xiao Ying picked up the title of top ten “Beijing Role Model” among 62 listed candidates for her honest and trustworthy business commitment after strict selection and earnest assessment, enriching the brand of SPAR Beijing a new meaning and demonstrating her distinct personality of a female entrepreneur.

Beijing Role Model is designed to encourage and reward the individuals who are helpful, bravery and courage, honest and sincere, dedication, filial piety, public spirited, self-driven as the role models of good moral character and kindness in Beijing through recommendation, weekly ranking rates, multi-channel media communications and more strict assessment process. Mrs. Xiao Ying insists “honest and trustworthy” business principal and deepens the meaning of local retailing brand. She said: ” It’s my honor to stand on this stage as one of Beijing Role Model, I am so proud to be a retailing people, but the most important thing is about the responsibility of merit heritage, to be honest and trustworthy, take actions to impact the industry and even our society positively.” 

The president of Beijing Capital Agribusiness Group Zhang Fuping presented the trophy and certificate of honor to Mrs. Xiao on the ceremony. Approximately 400 audiences attend this awarding ceremony on the day. Watch VCR, tell stories, interview and more exciting sessions are arranged for this ceremony.

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