SPAR BJ Open its First Fast Food Restaurant

Published on: 2013-10-09
SPAR Beijing Open its First Fast Food Restaurant
Love Rice & Noodle, the first fast food restaurant of SPAR Beijing is officially opened on September 3rd 2013 next to N0.79 SPAR Beijing Supermarket at Lvcheng Baihe Community. This restaurant is specializing in rice meals and Chinese noodles, including Biangbiang Noodles, Saozi Noodles, Qihua Noodles served by senior chef from Shannxi province, as well as Taiwan Braised Pork Rice, Italian Braised Beef Rice. The restaurant is also offering bakery products for the customers in addition to the rice and noodles solutions. Love Rice & Noodle provides free wifi, children chair, kids play yard, bar-chair catering to different customers. The restaurants developed special membership cards policy, recharge card get cash back. What’s more, whenever you eat in the restaurant, there are always big surprises waiting for you.
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