SPAR BJ Xiao Ying Walks into Nursing Home

Published on: 2016-01-06
SPAR Beijing Xiao Ying Walks into Nursing Home
SPAR Beijing’s general manager Mrs. Xiaoying went to Fugang Nursing Home to visit an old man Mr. Zhang Yonglian, who is age 98 and is suffering a slight tailbone fracture due to a fall a few days ago.

Zhang Yonglian has no biological children since his spouse past away young, but adopted four children, one of whom is a disabled one and lived together with Mr. Zhang for 58 years long. He is a man of compassionate character and dedication, the respectable role model of humanity beauty.

Start from 2003, Mrs. Xiao Ying herself set to visit him on his birthday August 1 and bring him some daily necessaries, food, winter clothes, encouraging SPAR staff to behave honestly, respect and love elderly people, be helpful and friendly person.
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