SPAR brand launches at Chongli ski resorts, one of the competition zones for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Published on: 2020-12-23
SPAR brand launches at ski resorts Chongli Aoxue town, where offers access to the major ski areas for skiing competitions in 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Central lake area, ski venues, residential community, shopping streets, 5-star hotels and facilities are well established there. 

With the approaching 2022 Winter Olympic Games, an ever-increasing number of visitors are taking to the town as more and more people love skiing and stating. The opening of SPAR store brings quality products and convenient services for local residents and visitors. 

The carefully selected convenience food, including food to go, bakery, sushi, sandwich, as well as various Eastern Shandong specialties, are prepared and distributed from the partners’ regional Production Center in Hebei province, with guaranteed food safety and quality. 

The store also offers an extensive selection of drinks, dairy, flavored waters, juice, soft drinks, yogurt, soybean drinks, coffee, as well as imported wines that are favored by foreign visitors. 

Shoppers can enjoy their food at an eating area in store. The cashier speaks English for better customer services. In these winter days, shoppers are allowed to rent hot-pot gadgets and tools from the store.

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