SPAR Chelyabinsk Hypermarket Opens Doors

Published on: 2012-01-04
SPAR Chelyabinsk Hypermarket Opens Doors
SPAR is delighted to announce the opening of its first hypermarket in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, creating 163 new jobs for people in the region.

The 7,092m2 store opened its doors to shoppers on 3 December, welcoming a total of nearly 5,000 customers throughout the day, with basket spend on average 40% higher than other store formats in the region.

SPAR's partner for the region was granted a licence by SPAR International in June 2011. They also have an existing operation with their own hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the area.

SPAR International Managing Director Dr Gordon Campbell said: "We are delighted to see this new, excellent, hypermarket in Chelyabinsk open its doors, showing how our partner in Russia has fully understood the SPAR strategy.

"SPAR shares information, best practice and expertise worldwide and within individual countries so that all of our retail outlets can learn from each other - something SPAR Chelyabinsk has clearly shown.

The superb new hypermarket clearly shows our partner's ability to thoroughly understand and adapt to the core values of the SPAR brand," he said.

Since joining SPAR Russia, the Chelyabinsk partner has used SPAR's expertise in retail and private label development and retail design to deliver the best possible shopping experience for consumers.

Realising that consumers are attracted by the presence of a very strong fruit and vegetable department, this area has been given a lot of attention, with the stocking of a broad range of items, all attractively presented and with a focus on good lighting.

The hypermarket also incorporates a very extensive food-to-go offer with an incredible 185 Hot 'Food to go' lines cooked on premises, some of which was trialled by the media present at the opening. 

The range includes local specialities as well as regional dishes, reflecting the emphasis on local expertise within SPAR.

In addition to food, SPAR Chelyabinsk offers a comprehensive range of 820 non-food products including children's clothing, with a total of 23,000 SKU's instore.

SPAR Chelyabinsk also has their own distribution centre which enables them to purchase in bulk and deliver to their retail outlets.

SPAR International was able to assist with the preparation for the hypermarket with advice on the construction, design, communication, layout, merchandising and service. 

Staff training was carried out in the areas of merchandising and instore communication, as well as on customer service.
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