SPAR China 2018 HR Conference a Great Success

Published on: 2018-07-27
SPAR China 2018 HR Conference in Beijing a Great Success
2018 SPAR China HR Conference was held during July 19-20 in Beijing in beautiful sunny days. The event was hosted by SPAR Beijing and brought together nearly 30 HR professionals from regional partners and organizations to share ideas on Investing Our People in a New Retail World.

SPAR Beijing’s general manager Mdm. Xiao Ying opened the conference and delivered her keynote speech by stressing the ways to improve our business efficiency. Mdm. Xiao commented: “Knowledgeable people is our company’s most valuable asset who will make all the difference in this competitive new retail world. With constant emergence of new business models, it is imperative for HR Department and organizations to develop business innovation and improve work efficiencies to keep pace with the ever-evolving new retail world.”

New generations and students, who grew up in this digitalized world, get to graduate and find their jobs. How employers in retail world attract and keep the best young people, and do career planning properly for them?

CCFA‘s Deputy Secretary General Guo Jinyu highlighted that, the requirements of the current and future employees changed, companies have to develop effective employee incentive plans to support the development of our employees. Consider our people as clients with training, process and control, encourage their intrinsic motivation, and fulfill our people’s most basic needs. Further, companies have to change out-dated organizational strucuture. With horizontal organizational structure, Partnership Program and Project Group provides opportunities for employees to partner with employers, independent retailers, and other intestered shareholders. To stand firm amid retail tightening wave, it is supposed to create a culture of excellence, keep our team head toward the same goal, and set consistent standard for our people management.

Eric Egiziano, the founder of Horizon Consulting, boasts more than 18 years of work experience in human resources management in European and Asian markets. He presented on action plans on talents attractivity and retention. Desgin a real cycle from 3 years for our people, one year to discover, one year to perform and one year to improve. After 3 years, the right talent will get opportunities for internal mobility or promotion, external mobility as well.

SPAR Shandong, SPAR Zhangjiakou and SPAR Yunnan colleagues showcased their innitiatives on new/basic staff training program. Along with the induction standards for employees, on the one hand, they informed delegates on the latest developments in university-business cooperation program to attract aspirants to our retail business. On the other hand, they showcased their innitiatives on staff training and career planning, including In-Class Training, On-site Practice, Apprenticeship, External Training Partner, Learning Tour and more. Staff training not only provides benefits to the individual, but also to the business, helping our company to continue to runing effectively and successfully.

SPAR Beijing and SPAR Henan colleagues informed all the delegates with the lastest development of organizational innovations and leadership training programs. They reckoned that the functions of front, middle and back-offices should be closely integrated for establishing an horizontal organizational structure. Diversified employment, innovative in key positions, and partner program are essential tips to run our business more effectively. With sound training path of compound talents and the training path of university graduates, the employee retention rate was inceased year over year. SPAR Beijing aligned individual aspirations with organizational goals that redounds to sustaining organizational success.

Individual’s competence and skills are amplified through internet. It has become very common for employee induction, resignation and start up their own business. The world is changing very fast, including our values and our people. Uncertainty in business and out-of-control employees become the thorniest issue in organizations. 

SPAR Guangdong and SPAR Sichuan delegates shared their ideas on how to encourage and inspire employee motivation. In terms of orgnization, set up a workgroup or small network to nurture the entreprenuerial spirit at the company. In terms of incentive plans, share knowledge and share capital, respect our capital creators. In terms of management, the traditional hierarchical structure goes against the team-based structure that our success businesses are turning to in new retail world. We need to change our organizational structure to lead, inspire and motivate our team members to greatness. It is important to make our company’s culture resonate with our people. Take care of our people first and they’ll take care of our customers.

SPAR China’s Su Wei, Head of Finance and Administration, sent warm greetings from Jutta Klassen, Director of HR Strategy and International Training, SPAR International Amsterdam. Mdm. Su Wei shared some of the key learnings from this year’s international HR Conference and our SPAR Academy that can support the people development in China.

In the session of panel discussion, delegates from 7 regional partners discussed two topics called “New/Basic Staff Training and Motivation” and “Organizational Effectiveness & Business Success”.

Delegates talked about the challenges faced in training and people development and how do we overcome them, including the topics on an on-the-job training system, an apprenticeship plan, mobile learning, training standards and procedures, aliging training with individual development, as well as equality.
To inspire our team members, material rewards and recognition are equally important. Great team building activities for our people is a way to align people toward the company goal. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is effective tool for HR management to fully understand the needs of our people and guide our organizations to develop a favorable HR scheme accordingly. 

SPAR China’s Managing Director Jerome Chevrier made a few closing remarks and express gratitude to all those who made this event a reality. SPAR is an international organization with partners in 48 countries, a big and united family. Partners in SPAR organization shall leverage our resources, both internationally and domestically, share our expertise and best practice, and drive our business growth, better together. 
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