SPAR China Integrates Global Supply Chains

Published on: 2016-12-20
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SPAR China Integrates Global Supply Chains Chinese Business Delegation Visit Denmark
SPAR in China operates over 360 retailing stores with totally selling area of 100 million square meters in Shandong, Guangdong, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Beijing, Sichuan, Henan, Hubei Xiaogan, Hebei Zhangjiakou. It is our mission to provide our customers with quality and health meat products from farm to table. SPAR China entered strategic cooperation agreement (MOU) with Danish Crown Group on October 19 2016 in the presence of the president of CCFA Madam Guo Geping, Chairman of SPAR China and Chairman of SPAR Shandong Mr. Wang Peihuan, Chairman of SPAR International and CEO of SPAR South Africa Mr. Graham O’Connor, Managing Director of SPAR International Mr. Tobias Wasmuht.

Along with rapid economic development and the changing dietary pattern in China, the consumption demand is shifting toward the higher quality of life from the needs of quantity of food, people are concerned more about their health, thus quality pork products featuring eco-friendly, unpolluted and no extra additives have become increasing popular in China. Aiming to provide high quality pork products for Chinese consumers, SPAR China joint buying delegation visited Denmark the world well-known pig-breeding country and discussed business cooperation strategies with the world chief meat-processing brand Danish Crown during December 5 to December 10, 2016, with attendance of more than ten delegates including SPAR China Managing Director Yoep Man, SPAR China regional partners, chief editor of Supermarket Weekly.

SPAR China delegation visited the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and were given warm welcome by the leader of the Council Mr. Jens Rings. Both party discussed and shared thoughts on the business opportunities Danish green, organic and healthy agricultural products. During the visiting, delegation walked into the headquarter of Danish Crown Group Rnaders, the slaughtering and meat procession center Ringsted and Horsens, as well as SPAR stores and wet markets in Denmark.

As the world largest pork producer, Danish Crowns Group boasts of over 100 years of experience of pig breeding, never use the steroid clenbuterol that causes pigs to shed fat, no antibiotics, pesticides or hormones, perfect lean percentage. Danish crown adopts sound food traceability system in food supply chains to assure the information of food can be traceable from farm to table.

SPAR China also take the products cost into consideration for our regional partners in addition to find fantastic quality ingredients globally for our consumers.

According to custom statistics, in the first 10 months 2016, China has imported and exported totally 1.43 million tons of pork products, 1.2% year-on-year increased, which value RMB 19.48 billion, growth of 1.3 times than that of previous year. Among which, imported pork increased 1.3 times to 1.39 million tons, which valued RMB 18.13, 1.7 times increased, the average importing price for pork products is RMB 13 per kilogram, 14.5% increased. There are two explanations for the increased amount of importing pork, firstly, the gaps of insufficient supply and increased consumption demands; secondly, the cost of importing pork is obviously lower than that of domestic pork, which is a great element to encourage more and more retailers to import meat products oversea. Looking into the information of pork industry, the domestic pork price was averagely RMB 17.24 per kilogram on December 11 2016 and it shall continue to increase, thus seek a favorable pork purchasing terms and conditions from Danish Crown is a better choice for them.     
SPAR China managing director Yoep Man comments: “with the increasing middle-class consumers in China, they seeks quality in life and desire to try international products. SPAR in China expands with our regional partners nationwide, we integrate our strong supply chains and joint buying capability to find the best products globally. Cooperate with Danish Crown not only find the best quality and value meat products for Chinese consumers, but also benefit our partners by enhancing their products quality and profitability, which is a reflection of SPAR working together we all benefit. ”
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