SPAR China Introduces Fresh Irish Seafood

Published on: 2013-12-04
SPAR China Introduces Fresh Irish Seafood
SPAR China is flying in fresh seafood in all the way from local fishermen in Ireland, to enhance the international range of fresh produce for customers in its major stores.

As part of its continuous drive to be best in fresh and meet the needs of affluent shoppers in some of China’s biggest cities, SPAR China is now offering top-quality seafood including 100% Irish brown crabs in some of its huge SPAR hypermarkets in Shandong and Beijing. The range will also arrive soon in SPAR Shanxi and SPAR Guangdong.

The Irish seafood range includes brown crab, blue lobster, salmon, mackerel, scallop, whelk and razor clam, all of which are farmed or caught in the clean, unpolluted Atlantic waters off the rugged west coast of Ireland.

The move clearly demonstrates SPAR’s global support of local producers and suppliers, and shows the fantastic partnerships that can arise internationally thanks to SPAR’s connections in countries all around the world.

The Irish seafood is supplied by Jade Ireland Seafood Ltd, which is a cooperative between four Irish Seafood companies, Carr ShellfishLtd, Sofrimar Ltd, Shellfish De La Mer Ltd and McBride Fishing Company Ltd.

The brown crab is caught daily by local fishermen from the south east to the north west coast of Ireland and delivered to the processing factories is pristine condition and the crab is hand selected to ensure the best quality for our customers.

All boats and fishermen practice traditional pot fishing methods that are sustainable with low environmental impact, showing the vital importance of sustainable practices to SPAR China.

Peter O'Sullivan Greene of Shellfish De La Mer said: “This initiative shows how beneficial it is for Irish seafood producers to have relationships with a worldwide organisation like SPAR, as being able to work with them in Ireland has made the entire process so much easier. We are delighted to work in partnership with Spar to bring our product range to the Chinese market.”

Tobias Wasmuht, Managing Director of SPAR China, said: “Our customers in China are increasingly aware of the environmental impact upon their daily life.

“Food safety and quality is high on the agenda when they do grocery shopping for their families, which is why we are offering sustainably caught or farmed seafood from unpolluted Irish waters.

“SPAR is meeting the needs of affluent shoppers in China, who want to be able to buy goods such as crab, salmon, Austrian bread, live lobster and bottled water from Italy,” he said.

This initiative has been made possible with the help of SPAR Ireland and the Irish Food Board, Bord Bia, added Mr Wasmuht.
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