SPAR China is recognized as a socially responsible company

Published on: 2020-10-19
SPAR China was named as a Socially Responsible Company by ECR China. 

ECR China highly praised businesses, retailers and their partners who giving back to the community and implementing corporate social responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic in the past months. SPAR China and partners leverage resources and expertise to support their shoppers, employees and healthcare providers, which has made the brand an example of the far-reaching impact of CSR. 

During this unprecedented time, effective measures have been taken to keep the critical food supply chains in operation, so people have access to life sustaining food. SPAR China partners worked directly with local farmers, especially who have lost their usual markets, to distribute the food that they have to local communities. 

In addition to ensure the stable supply of life sustaining food, all the SPAR stores nationwide remained open for business during the pandemic period, and some of them even extended their business hours to better serve their shoppers. To ensure a hygienic and safe shopping environment, comprehensive disinfection routines performed everyday by instore members at entrance points and throughout the stores. At SPAR China, contactless shopping solution is widely implemented through online platforms or mobile app to keep shoppers and employees safe. 

△100% temperature check and mask wearing

△ The store remained open for business during the pandemic

△ Online order delivery service

During the epidemic, SPAR partners in China not only successfully continued to serve customers by providing for their daily grocery needs but also through community initiatives, including generous donations towards domestic epidemic prevention. Among these initiatives, SPAR Shandong donated 8 million yuan (over €1 million) towards epidemic prevention and control efforts in the city of Weihai and Shandong province.

SPAR Guangdong donated masks, antibacterial hand soap, and other protective items, as well as instant noodles and drinking water, to those working at the frontline of epidemic prevention and control, which valued over 200,000 yuan. In February, SPAR Guangdong also sent supplies from the SPAR Xinghecheng Supermarket to support the families of medical staff battling the epidemic in neighboring Hubei province.

SPAR partners in Beijing, Sichuan, Yunnan and other regions also contributed to the prevention and control of the epidemic by donating disinfection supplies, daily staples and drinking water to local communities. 

△ SPAR Shandong donated 8 million yuan in funds to Weihai Charity Foundation

△ SPAR Guangdong sent supplies from SPAR store to support health-care staff

In solidarity with our European colleagues, SPAR Shandong donated 200,000 facemasks and acted very quickly to airfreight these to support SPAR stores in Europe. 

Facing an epidemic that knows no borders, SPAR partners are demonstrating their strength and resolve in acting together. As a responsible retailer, SPAR partners are committed to ensuring in-stock availability of essential items and maintaining price stability. The award of the Socially Responsible Company is recognition of the measures taken by SPAR China partners to help the prevention and control of COVID-19.

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