SPAR China LOGIT 2014 in Beijing

Published on: 2014-04-30
lSPAR China LOGIT 2014 in Beijing
SPAR China LOGIT conference was organized at Huaguan DC in Beijing during April 21 to 23. the conference is “Data-based Logistics Lead to Innovation” themed, focusing on the hot topics on logistic and IT application, sharing advance concepts and best practice of SPAR International, exploring the voluntary retail chain model in China, and facing intense and changing competition from home and aboard.

Over 70 logistic experts and talents from SPAR China and international partake in this conference, which hosted by SPAR and supported by SPAR Beijing. Tang Haibin from SPAR China chaired the conference, while GM Xiao Ying from SPAR Beijing delivered the welcome speech, SPAR teams and partners shared their achievements and best practice together in three days.

Same as before, Dr. Dornauer from SPAR International was invited to join this conference and shared his thoughts on how logistics develop in the near future. During the conference, Dr. Dornauer introduced the data-based transport management, Harm Huismans shared the best knowledge and practice of SPAR International, Tobias and Tang Haibin from SPAR China delivered their speeches on “Growing our Future Together” and “Data-based SPAR China Logistic System” respectively. Delegates from Jungheinrich, Cabka, Luca and Henan also gave their fantastic speeches. Lv Jianghua from SPAR Guangdong shared their experience on SPAR Guangdong Hongmei DC, Luo Jin from SPAR Sichuan detail explained ambient warehouse renovation, ambient warehouse case picking function, and the sister company of SPAR Shandong and SPAR Shanxi explained how to improve logistic development in big data times.

The guest speaker Li Daoyi from GS1 China made a report on Global Data Synchronisation in China, emphasizes the importance of making use of advance code management to connect with international standards and technology, realizing data synchronisation, data sharing, efficiency and profit improvement.

Focusing on the theme of refinement service, Xie Youquan logistic director from SPAR Bejing shared SPAR Beijing’s best practice on third party logistic service model and its specific measures carried out, including refining goods delivery pattern based on different business formats, shortening order response time from 28-30 hours to 21 hours to ensure on-time performance of arrival, implementing “Trust Goods Receiving” pattern to minimize the rate of error, and carrying out “performance management” to reduce manpower expenditures.

Xu Qiang from big data center of SPAR Beijing focused on the topic on “Review the DC management via data”, detailed explained category, stocks, order satisfaction rate and DC quality. All delegates also visited SPAR Beijing DC, Tiandi Changyang Store and Shunxin Agriculture Plant.
This is a success conference offering all participants an opportunity to understand the up-to-date technology, experience and best practice in logistic and information technology fields, and to understand “Joint Efforts, We Benefit”SPAR value and family-like SPAR culture, which greatly contribute to management of SPAR members and development of modern logistic in China.
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