SPAR China organizes cold chain seminar in Weihai, Shandong

Published on: 2020-08-25
As China continues to promote consumption upgrade, it is an urgent need to develop modern cold chain infrastructure. The National Development and Reform Commission stated that it is stepping up to establish national cold chain logistics bases. SPAR partners are proudly to be a part of this initiative.

This initiative aims to use temperature-controlled systems within the grocery supply chain, from food processing, storage, transportation, distribution to retail. To support cold chain facilities in regions, SPAR China is putting more efforts into developing innovative solutions. New technologies and equipment are encouraged to be used to improve service capabilities and work efficiency at both warehouse and store level. At SPAR, it is our responsibility to reduce food waste, save energy and ensure the quality of perishable goods. Moreover, managing our grocery supply chain effectively can save cost, reduce gas emissions and create a sustainable business for long-term success. 

During August 13 and 14, SPAR China Cold Supply Chain Seminar was organized in Shandong. Mr. Wang Peihuan, Chairman of SPAR China, Mrs. Su Wei, Managing Director of SPAR China Supply Chain, Mrs. Zhang Sammy, Commercial Director of SPAR China Supply Chain, and the management executives of preferred suppliers presented at the meeting.  

SPAR China carefully selected set of suppliers by categories through a competitive bid process in the first half of 2020. As part of the preferred supplier programme, the Seminar is an opportunity to start a dialogue with those cold chain suppliers and manufacturers on topics of the best refrigeration equipment, installation standards and how to improve energy efficiency. More seminars will be followed in the near future. 

After visiting the Distribution Center and SPAR stores, delegates shared their insights on new technologies and best practices, and pledged their support for SPAR China in establishment of SPAR cold chain and refrigeration standards.  

Part I DC & Store Visiting
To better understand the situation of SPAR cold chain and refrigeration storage infrastructure, delegates visited the Center Store, Oulefang Store, Kowloon City Store, W37 store and the Distribution Center in Weihai, Shandong. 

Part II Dialogue
After field visiting, all delegates had the chance to share their insights and plan promising collaborations. 

SPAR will continue to strengthen cooperation with leading suppliers in cold chain. By driving excellence and innovation, this collaboration approach will be a key factor in controlling the quality of equipment, removing non-sustainable systems, and encouraging the use of eco-friendly cold chain solutions.
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