SPAR China partner supports team members’ hometown charitable projects

Published on: 2021-09-06
Our team members are our greatest asset, and what better way to give back than to support their communities? SPAR Guangdong partner Jiarong is doing just that by supporting charitable projects in SPAR team members’ hometowns. Under the ‘Employee Hometown Charity’ project, the SPAR operator is supporting the construction of a much-needed bridge in the remote Molong village in Guangxi, China.

From March to May 2021, the SPAR partner’s charity project team solicited hometown wishes covering community care, student dreams, and infrastructure and equipment construction. After careful evaluation, SPAR Guangdong this year selected three wishes, one of which is the Molong village bridge.

Located in the southeast of Guangxi, Molong village is a relatively secluded village in Jintian township. Situated in a beautiful environment, local villagers have grown crops for generations. More recently, more locals have sought employment outside of the village to improve their economic position.

The village was affected by an unprecedented flood in 1994, causing the main bamboo bridge to be destroyed. Due to financial constraints, the bridge was never rebuilt, causing inconvenience to local villagers who needed to find alternatives routes to cross the river. 

However, thanks to the SPAR China partner, a new bridge is about to become a reality. As a native of Molong Village, SPAR team member Luo Quanwu submitted his hometown wish for the reconstruction of the bridge with his wife, Wang Linxian, who also works for the company. 

On August 4, the ‘Jiarong Public Welfare Bridge’ project, funded by SPAR Guangdong partner Jiarong, officially started with a ground-breaking ceremony attended by residents. 

“Thanks to Jiarong, the bridge that we have been looking forward to for thirty years is finally being built”, said Luo Quanwu. “This is the wish of generations in our village, and the company has helped us realize it.”
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