SPAR China presents at 2020 China Retail Supply Chain Congress

Published on: 2020-08-26
On August 19-20, CCFA China Retail Supply Chain Congress 2020 at Hohhot in Inner Mongolia was a great success. Mr. Wang Peihuan, the chairman of SPAR China and SPAR Shandong JJY Group, delivered his keynote speech on the future of retail supply chain, sharing the best practices and management stories. A delegation from SPAR China partners was present at the event to meet the senior leaders, industrial executives, and experts, and listen to insights for a post COVID-19 supply chain world. 

The delegation comprising of Mr. Tang Haibin, Operation Director of SPAR China, Mr. Zhang Jiandong, Deputy General Manager of SPAR Beijing Huaguan, Mr. Xing Hongbo, Director of SPAR Shandong JJY Logistics Branch, Mr. Hu Guoming, General Manager of SPAR Guangdong Jiarong Supply Chain Branch, Mr. Tang Hongjie, General Manager of SPAR Guangdong Jiasu Logisitics Branch among many others.   

SPAR China has been working for years in logistics and supply chains, delivering a significant contribution to automation, standardization and digitalization of a modern grocery supply chain. Working with our regional partners, SPAR has implemented various logistics solutions, bringing the biggest improvement in warehouse efficiency and productivity. Mr. Wang Peihuan highlighted the significance of CORE, EFFICIENCY and COLLABORATION of a supply chain in his presentation.  

Products will always be at the core of retail
He comments: “products will always be at the core of retail, customers care most about product”. Take SPAR Shandong for example, it has established long-standing partnership with over 2,500 brand suppliers and over 200 cooperatives and farmlands. More than 80 percent of fresh produce available at stores are directly sourced from growers. With our global supply chain, SPAR is continuously offering customers with the best of international products.

Standardization in Process and Management 
For fresh logistics, standardized crates ordering process helps ensure that the fresh items, from harvesting, transporting, warehousing, handling and merchandising at stores, are palletized without any repackaging steps. This leads to less shrink, less waste, lower cost and more efficiency. These recirculating crates for fresh produce are widely used in Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing and Sichuan. 
For ambient logistics, SPAR partners are encouraged to use roll cages and pallets, and palletized end-to-end delivery for easy shipping and handling. Standardized work process, unified transportation carriers and consistent carriers management strategies allow quick goods inbound after unloading and improve work efficiency. 

Supply Chain Collaboration
By the end of 2019, SPAR China partners operate 15 SPAR distribution centers and production centers, bringing the total warehousing area to 430,000㎡. Besides benefiting from internal collaboration in SPAR network, our partners are now leveraging external resources from upstream suppliers, mass supply chains, retailing platforms and other counterparts. This allows the previous of single and independent logistics pattern shifting towards a collaborative supply chain. 
Worth to mention, SPAR Shandong JJY Group has successfully established a cold chain logistics service platform Yuntong Technology. This is an all-around industrial chain platform, integrating the services of fleet transportation, finance, and after-sales support by uniting together the mass logistics resources and introducing in advanced data structures and algorithms.

With Better Together strategy, SPAR China partners are open to share resources and empower the team to develop a standardized, intelligent, shared and sustainable retail supply chain. 

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