SPAR China TORRES International Wine Workshop

Published on: 2017-06-07
SPAR China TORRES International Wine Workshop
SPAR China and TORRES together offered a wine workshop in Shanghai on 16 May, bringing together delegates from seven SPAR China regional partners (including SPAR Shandong, SPAR Guangdong, SPAR Beijing, SPAR Sichuan, SPAR Henan, SPAR Hebei and the new partner SPAR Yunnan) and the leading wine distributor TORRES team (senior buyers, TORRES Deputy General Manager and EVERWINE General Manager Madam Sun Xinyan) and other industry experts.

The wine workshop focused on the following questions: where to find the best wine for consumers, how are these wine categorized and how to identify/recognize them, and the best serving tips. TORRES’s wine expert Michael shared his knowledge on wine selection, wine making process, difference between old and new world wines, how to taste and evaluate wines.
Alex Yu, Commercial buying director of SPAR China shared with the participants his experience and thoughts on store merchandising, category assortment, cross merchandising, seasonal promotions, how to follow the trend and lead the market, and how to nurture our customers to increase sales.
Through these, SPAR China regional delegates deepened their understandings on wine knowledge and strengthened their confidence of offering consumers with a diverse selection of international wines.
The workshop concluded successfully.
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