SPAR Contact International Magazine: Issue 1, 2018

Published on: 2018-03-30
SPAR Contact International Magazine: Issue 1, 2018
In this edition, we feature the launch of SPAR in two new markets in the Middle East and Asia, with the opening of large, modern SPAR Supermarkets in Pakistan as well as a Premium SPAR store in Qatar. With these new stores, the SPAR Brand is well on its way to establishing itself in these regions.

Responsible retailing is a topic of growing importance for SPAR and we highlight the progress we are making with regards to responsible local sourcing and sustainable agriculture. In particular, we look at the investments being made into fresh sourcing practices in Southern Africa, and the steps being taken against post-harvest loss in Asia.

In this issue, we also share the compelling story of Local Champion, Conrad Davies, a fifth-generation retailer whose family has been involved with SPAR since 1957. A further SPAR Star featured is Marjana Ješe Zuka, a young yet already highly experienced leader of INTERSPAR Citypark in Ljubljana, one of the largest SPAR Hypermarkets in the world.

Lastly, in addition to rounding up the latest SPAR Worldwide developments and reporting on the most recent SPAR International events, we review two leading EUROSPAR Supermarkets in Norway and Northern Ireland. Both are exceptional stores that provide a world-class retail experience.
To read these and other stories about SPAR worldwide, follow this link. Missed any of the previous issues? No problem, visit ourarchive page to view earlier editions.

This edition is available in seven languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian. To switch between languages, simply click on the arrow next to the country flags on the menu bar in the desktop version and for mobile, select your language in the contents list. 
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