SPAR Flagship Store to be Unveiled

Published on: 2016-01-06
SPAR Flagship Store to be Unveiled in MyHill Mall Soon

December 16, MyHill Mall organized a conference to share the thoughts and experience inspired from earlier retail travel in Europe. Mr. Liang Zhonghua, vice president of SPAR Guangdong Supermarket Co. and president of Dongguan Retail Association, Nic Plache, Senior Store Design Manager of SPAR International, Mr. Bi, Operation Manager of SPAR China are invited to attend this event.

Partnership of SPAR and MyHill Mall 
Mr. Liang Zhonghua and Nic Plache, as invited guest speakers, provided detail information on planning of SPAR and MyHill Mall’s partnership respectively at the conference.

Mr. Liang Zhonghua: Dongguan Local Private Company Sparkles
Early on September 23 2015, SPAR has entered MOU with MyHill to open a flagship store in this Mall. Mr. Liang expressed his expectation and gratitude to see SPAR’s participation in this grand program of MyHill Mall. This is an independent HOPSCA location of Dongguan International Trade Center with total construction area of 1.05mln square meters, a RMB 8bln project jointly invested by 39 Dongguan local leading companies. With the highest buildings of the city located in, it is expected to be a new city “name card” of Dongguan.

Mr. Liang said, MyHill Mall is not just a business program but also a comprehensive platform to observe Dongguan citizen’s consumption level, habits and lifestyle. As a native Dongguan people, he thinks, other than a commercial center, MyHill is more like a flagship of Dongguan’s private economy with the potential intelligence of local merchants.

Mr. Liang strongly believes in the success of SPAR and MyHill’s partnership, he admires the team members of MyHill as they are so earnest and with concentration. SPAR shall work closely with MyHill team to create an international SPAR Flagship Store. 

Nic Plache: Create an International “SPAR Flagship Store” 
Nic Plache introduced the designing concept of SPAR Flagship Store at this conference. He said, with more than 80 years of retail experience, SPAR owns world-class professionals and teams on store designing and store operation. Upon the opening of MyHill Mall, SPAR shall unveil a top-end SPAR Hypermarket, designed with SPAR’s leading retail concept and best practice, providing local citizens with a new and unique consumption experience at SPAR.

Considering the location and targeted customers of MyHill Mall, SPAR shall customize the optimal facilities, category planning and store layouts for this new store, adapting modern internet technologies, mobile management, in-store navigation devices, quick payment solution, social media and more. Combine local benefits and international best practice to create unique and modern shopping destination for shoppers.

MyHill Mall: 330,000 SQM Single Commercial Building 
MyHill Mall is built and developed by Dongguan MyHill Group, being part of the 1.05 Mln square meters HOPSCA location of Dongguan International Trade Center, being an unmatched 330,000 square meters single commercial experience platform, equipped with 130 escalators and 4800 smart parking lots. Located at the heart of Dongguan’s central business district, sit on the city railway hub of line R1 and line R2, go through floor B02, people can directly access into railway platform, seamlessly connects railway transportation with outlets at basement floors. With perfect transportation system, MyHill, the urban HOSPCA, is expected to be the mark of the city of Dongguan.

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