SPAR GD 2018 Partners Conference Success

Published on: 2018-04-03
Success at SPAR Guangdong 2018 Partners Conference
On 30 March 2018, SPAR Guangdong organized 2018 Channel Partners Conference at Hongmei Riverview Conference Center with over 600 delegates from around China, highlighting 2017 achievements and 2018 objectives in starting a new journey of retail growth.
With the theme of “ Winning Supply Chain Strategies for Quality Stores”, SPAR Guangdong partners, suppliers and delegates shared their insights of business development from each other by focusing on the trends of supply chain and Chinese consumption.

Smart Store with New Retail Experience
SPAR Guangdong developed a high-tech feeling demonstration store at the conference building during the course of conference, implementing cutting-edging new retail technologies: smart shelf technology, self-checkout system, self-service & weighing scales, mobile POS solutions, Wechat scanning and payment solutions, and etc.. What’s more, the conference included a trade show at the venue demonstrating private label products and products offered by its own food production center.

Awards Given to SPAR Partners  
SPAR Guangdong handed out awards at the conference. “Best New Partner”, “Best Service Partner”, “Best Growing Partner”, “Outstanding Partner Award” and “Twenty-Year Senior Partner” are presented to over 35 companies.

Visiting SPAR Guandong Distribution Center
Delegates also visited SPAR Guandong distribution center in Hongmei, a great opportunity to see the in-store product offer and modern warehousing facilities.

Results in 2017 and Vision in 2018
Mr.Hu Jintai, Chairman of SPAR Guangdong, commented that quality supply chain plus quality store equals quality “retail business”. SPAR Guangdong expects to work together with partners to add value to supply chain and create more business opportunities. At the conference, Mr. Hu shared 2017 outcomes of SPAR Guangdong and development opportunities in 2018.
It is an extraordinary year for SPAR Guangdong with strong retail sales growth in 2017. It opened 12 new locations during the year 2017, and today, it has 41 stores in the pipeline for 2018 including 5 hypermarkets, 3 food stores, 20 lifestyle supermarkets, 5 department stores, and 8 Mom & Baby stores. It is worth mentioning that, in 2017, SPAR store profile and operation standards in Guangdong increased significantly, department store brandings were upgraded with full occupancy rate up to 96%, and IT systems toward smart retailing were initiated. In addition, SPAR Guangdong also ties up with partners to develop events and responsible retailing programs to further grow SPAR’s brand presence in Guangdong.
In 2018, on the horizon are the opportunities for SPAR Guangdong and its partners to drive the development of supply chain, both front-end and back-end. It is expected that in 2019, the three major advantages of high-quality goods pool, store-level shopping experience, and department store brand pool will be jointly realized.
In order to build a quality and fair supply chain platform, SPAR Guangdong will further evaluate preferred partners in 2018, and give special opportunities for "five-star partners" who have made outstanding contributions to the partnership. Mr. Hu also emphasized that he hopes everyone can maintain a high level of integrity and zero tolerance for ethics violations. In 2018, SPAR Guangdong shall continue to optimize and upgrade its stores, products, department stores, facilities, IT systems, etc., which provides many opportunities for suppliers and partners.

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