SPAR GD 2018 Work Plan Meeting

Published on: 2018-01-30
SPAR Guangdong 2018 Work Plan Meeting
On January 15, SPAR Guangdong 2018 Work Plan Meeting was held in the Meeting Hall of Hongmei Riverview Conference Center. Mr. Hu Jintai, chairman and president of SPAR Guangdong disclosed the work plan for the coming new year 2018 at the meeting. Senior executives, officials, managers and senior employees from all the divisions and departments came together to witness this important moment.

Y2017:SPAR Guangdong Maintained Steady Growth
In the past year, SPAR Guangdong continued to develop steadily despite the slowdown in traditional retail industry. Performance report shows that SPAR Guangdong launched 12 new stores through the year 2017, owns and operates totaling 50 hypermarkets, 31 supermarkets, 33 department stores, and 7 Mom & Baby specialty stores, covering the geographic areas of Dongguan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Meizhou and other regions. At the same time, SPAR brand officially entered Hunan market last year through the brand licensing program and opened its first store in Chenzhou, Hunan Province. As of December 31, 2017, the total store operating area of SPAR Guangdong increased by 30,488㎡, the sales and customers are largely increased than the previous year.

It is worth mentioning that in 2017, SPAR Guangdong’s pork business and catering services achieved encouraging growth. Although established less than 1 year, Meizhou Division made a decent profit in 2017, becoming a popular local supermarket brand. Faced with the rapid industry changes, SPAR Guangdong carried out a number of initiatives at store level to better match customer’s needs, including the store standards and quality checking system, intelligent inventory management system. To survive and develop in the competitive market, we see SPAR Guangdong investing more in the smart stores, collaborating with external partners, building up diversified business segments, and developing multiple store formats across regions. 

Y2018: New Hope, Keep Up Good Work
In 2018, SPAR Guangdong plans to develop 12 independent business including hypermarkets, supermarkets, lifestyle supermarkets, department store management services, Mom & Baby specialty stores, catering services, Bainade household products, Huiji Trade Division, Fude Fresh Food, Slaughterhouse, Meizhou Division, Qingyuan Division. With innovative partnership policy, SPAR Guangdong is ambitious to activate all independent businesses, work together with entrepreneurs and partners to foster a better business.

Chairman Hu comments, “In 2018, the Company will also pay close attention to the key projects such as the standard hypermarkets, Shizimen store, supermarkets, supply chain reform and optimization, High Quality Store program (HQS), information planning and system optimization, main business processes and operation standard, moving steadily toward achieving our development goal.”

Reach a Consensus, Future in Prospects
During the meeting, SPAR Guangdong also gives awards to teams and individuals that have made outstanding achievements in 2017, including The Best Performance Store 2017, The Best Performance Department 2017, The Best Store Managers and Department Heads 2017.Great Dream, Great Team Cohesion. 2018 Work Plan Meeting was successfully closed and implanted in SPAR Guangdong people a firm desire to work hard and better in 2018.
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