SPAR GD 3rd Summer Camp Success

Published on: 2017-08-30
The Great Success of SPAR Guangdong 3rd Summer Camp
The “Trip with Kids” summer camp, jointly supported by SPAR Guangdong and Unilever, was kicked off at the headquarter of SPAR Guangdong on August 14th, welcoming 40 “left-behind” children in countryside by their parents who have moved to urban centers seeking employment and children in needs from Hengli Gekeng community service center.

This is a very exciting five-day trip, children get to have an experience of participating outdoor activities, taking a tour of Humen Opium War Museum, Shenzhen Window of the World Park, and enjoying all that fun activities and classes to keep them entertained.  

SPAR Guangdong hosted a closing ceremony on August 18 for 40 participants, inviting the parents and work staff of SPAR Guangdong, Unilever and the Hengli Gekeng Community Service Center to see the great success of this summer camp.

“We appreciate SPAR Guangdong, Unilever HAZELINE hosting such a exciting summer camp for us. This 5-day trip is great! I visited so many different places that I have never seen before. I like hands-on barbeque and canopy tent setting up class very much, because I learned the importance of teamwork. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with my friends, and look forward to participating next summer camp.” Liweiwei, Tang Xiaoyu and Chen Junyu said at the closing ceremony.

SPAR Guangdong involves in “Trip with Kids” summer camp together with Unilever since 2015 in support of the healthy growth of “left-behind” children from migrants families, encouraging more people to care for children in needs, to help them to live a happier life with their families.  
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