SPAR GD Announces Grand Opening

Published on: 2017-09-15
SPAR Guangdong Announces Grand Opening SPAR Futong Zizaicheng
With the start of harvest season, SPAR Guangdong is pleased to announce the opening of SPAR Store on September 9th at the compound of Futong Zizaicheng, following the previous new opening on September 2nd at Dalingshan Town.

SPAR Guangdong is growing. You can now find the 186-sqm-SPAR Futong Zizaicheng store at the new location No.238 Yunhe Xisan Road, Guancheng District, Dongguan. This is the meeting point among Guancheng, Nancheng and Wanjiang districts with huge population, neighboring to local well-known commercial circles, including Hongfu Shopping Street, SouthChina Mall and Xichenglou Mall.

With an inviting space, alluring atmosphere, and personal visual merchandising, this new store is designed to satisfy local residents’ needs by combing an extensive ranges of fresh takeaways, fruits and vegetables, drinks and wines, daily necessaries, office stationery, newspaper and magazines. This store also includes WIFI, smartphone or tablet charging station, bank transfers, credit card payment, mobile phone points redemption, prepaid cards, bill payment and more value added service. As the best neighbor of local citizens, SPAR Futong Zizaicheng is now ready to serve local shoppers with easy shopping environment, quality products and high-level of customer service.

Huge crowds poured into the store to enjoy this new grocery experience on the opening day. “With the opening of SPAR, there is no need to run far away anymore for purchasing of fresh produce. Also, I like spending the time with my granddaughter at SPAR, ”said Mr. Wu a local resident.

Worth to mention, SPAR Futong Zizaicheng offers a great deal for opening days during September 9th – September 15th.
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