SPAR GD Celebrates 23th Anniversary

Published on: 2015-11-02
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SPAR Guangdong Celebrates 23th Anniversary

On October 19th, an evening of late fall, the city Dongguan rejoices in this big celebration that SPAR Guangdong 23th Anniversary brings. “We are Together”, a big celebration event kicked off at the international ballroom of South City Winnerway Hotel. More than one thousand SPAR people and distinguished senior employees from different departments of the company come together to witness this crucial moment of the history of SPAR Guangdong.

Chairman of the board and president of Guangdong JR Supermarket Co and SPAR Guangdong Supermarket Co Mr. Hu Jintai, vice president Mr. Liang Zhonghua, Mr. Dan Yunfeng and Mrs Liang Yuhua, the chief logistic adviser of SPAR International and SPAR Guangdong Dr. Dieter Daunaux, and SPAR China logistic manager Mr. Tang Haibin attend this grand event.

This is an exciting and thrilling evening with speeches, presentations, awarding, shows that goes with it! 278 excellent SPAR people and 9 best teams are honored for their work; a senior employee wins a medal that commemorating his part in SPAR Guangdong’s development history.

In 2015, SPAR Guangdong works together with its partners, innovate with new business model, improve production capability and management level, and continue to expand its business presence, gradually enhance the brand reputation. Especially with the development of new retail format, the company’s business and services today is expansive and diversified. The opening of Hongmei Food Co demonstrates SPAR Guangdong is still expanding its extensive network of modern business, enriching its category scope and products structure, and enhancing its comprehensive strength. What’s more, SPAR Guangdong never neglect its social responsibility and put their efforts to charity works, build up a positive brand image that has been well recognized by all walks of life and won many honorable awards.

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