SPAR GD Celebrates 24th Anniversary

Published on: 2016-11-28
SPAR Guangdong Celebrates 24th Anniversary
Monday, November 7, SPAR Guangdong celebrates 24th anniversary at the international ballroom of Winnerway Hotel Dongguan, over 1,000 awarded SPAR Guangdong excellent staff, specialist and senior managers from different departments and stores of SPAR Guangdong get involved, share this hilarious and prestigious moment together. Chairman and President of Guangdong Jiarong Supermarket Co., Ltd, SPAR Guangdong Supermarket Co., Ltd., Mr. Hu Jintai, Vice president Mr. Liang Zhonghua, Madam Liang Yuhua and more senior management attended. Presentations, staff talent shows, and singing birthday songs together, it is a fantastic and joyful evening for all of SPAR Guangdong people.
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