SPAR GD Charitable Event

Published on: 2017-08-30
SPAR Guangdong Hazeline Jingxin Green Backpack Charitable Event
The Jingxin Green Backpack themed charitable event and Jingxin Open Class, jointly supported by SPAR Guangdong and Unilever Hazeline, were kicked off at SPAR Guangdong New Migrants Happiness Garden August 13, aiming to work with organizations, social community partners and individual volunteers for physical and mental well-being of all children. The celebrity Yi Nengjing, as the founder of Jingxin Library Foundation, attended a series of events and spent a lovely day together with children to raise awareness around special needs and care for children from migrant families.

SPAR Guangdong and Unilever has been engaged in different social charitable activities. This is the fourth year the celebrity Yi Nengjing work together with SPAR Guangdong and Unilever to distribute free backpacks for children in needs. Each backpack given to a child is filled with eight or nine grade-specific books, including the most anticipated books The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Fairy Tales by Andersen, and other great books for children, so that these children from migrant families look and feel just like many other children their age.

A great ceremony was held to celebrate the official opening of a new location of SPAR Jiarong Happiness Migrant Children Service center and Hazeline Jingxin Library Foundation. SPAR Guangdong provides financial support to SPAR Jiarong Happiness Garden since the establishment of first location at Gekeng Community in 2012. This program encourages community, individual and business alike to come together for the good of migrant families in the city of Dongguan, provides a safe and warm place where children can do homework, reading books, have fun, try new activities, reach out psychological counseling, and enjoy band practice.

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