SPAR GD Create Value for Customers

Published on: 2015-10-14
SPAR Guangdong Create Value for Customers Using iBeacon Technology
With the emerging mobile Internet technology, people are changing their lifestyle, and will see many interesting things happen when shopping at stores. SPAR Guangdong is developing more and more exciting activities and new shopping experience for city residents by introducing in iBeacon Technologies.

According to information, SPAR Guangdong work together with their suppliers to distribute coupons through Wechat Shake Nearby, an exciting and unique shopping experience for shoppers.

During this marketing activity, SPAR Guangdong shall distribute cash coupons valued between RMB 3 to RMB 50 for shoppers allowing cash deductions when purchasing Mooncaks at store. Each user is allowed to get maximum 5 coupons every day and use 1 coupon for transaction per day. Meanwhile, SPAR Guangdong invites more suppliers to distribute coupons through Wechat Shake Nearby.

SPAR Guangdong team are very happy to see this marketing program with iBeacon Technology, plans to invest more in this project, including but not limit to develop SPAR Guangdong APP, iBeacon docking, in-store shelf system navigation, put efforts to create more easy and interesting shopping experience for shoppers.

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