SPAR GD Donate 500 Backpacks for Students

Published on: 2017-01-03
SPAR Guangdong Donates 500 Backpacks for Mountain-area Students
SPAR Guangdong representatives visited the central primary school at Bachi Town, Pingyuan county on December 27 2016, sending 500 “love” backpacks for all the students. Love Backpack Program is a charity initiative joint launched by SPAR Guangdong and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), which is committed to providing “love” backpacks for primary school students in need, helping them to improve life quality and education conditions. SPAR Guangdong’s deputy general manager Xie Kesong introduced, the 500 backpacks donated are carefully selected art-focused packs, there are stationery, painting supplies and articles for daily use in the bags, valued RMB 100 each pack. Charity bazaars were organized by SPAR Guangdong at a hundred of SPAR stores in earlier days, all the money raised from the charity sales are given to children in need. SPAR Guangdong has been providing rental support for Dongguan New Immigrant’s Children Service Center, tuition for poor students studying at Hengli Gekeng, and organizing activities of summer and winter camp in addition to this Love Backpack program. “I hope boys and girls like these articles and make full use of them for their study and daily life. ”Deputy General Manager Mr. Xie said, “Although this is a small backpack, it contains our great love. Our love is passing to Meizhou, we are working hard to give more kids a colorful childhood.”

SPAR Guangdong has been implementing corporate social responsibilities and getting involved in a great variety of social charity programs in years, including environment protection, scholarship donation, growing youth care, support disaster-affected areas, support Dongguan new immigrants’ children program and the like. SPAR Guangdong set up the first branch company in Meizhou and launched two new stores in the second half year 2016, SPAR Meizhou Wanda Store and SPAR Jiaoling Aoyuan Store. Next month, another new store -Wuhua Aoyuan Store- will open soon. SPAR Guangdong is taking efforts to enhance its store operations and management, it also striving to develop new charity initiatives, aiming to spread love and kindness all over Meizhou regions and to provide support for children in need.
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