SPAR GD Donates Money to Fund

Published on: 2015-07-02
Teens Care
Focus on Teens: SPAR Guangdong Donates Money to Bluesky Charitable Fund
SPAR Guangdong has always committed to driving public charity business, disaster relief, environment protection, sanitation workers care and more. Today, SPAR Guangdong start to concern on teens.

Mr. Yi Shiyi, the legal advisor of SPAR Guangdong, launches his new book All the Way Forward and kicks off the Skyblue Charitable Fund opening ceremony on June 13th at Dongguan Nile Hotel. The Skyblue Charitable Fund is initiated by Mr. Yi Shiyi, the general director of Hubei Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan, the lawyer of Guangdong Zhongya Law Firm, the legal advisor of SPAR Guangdong, which is devoted to concerning on teens psychological health. SPAR Guangdong deputy chairman Mr. Liang Zhonghua was invited to present at this ceremony, and donated RMB 100,000 to Skyblue Charitable Fund on behalf of SPAR Guangdong.  

Skyblue Charitable Fund shall take the following four actions: firstly, collaborate with primary school and middle schools, send psychologists and experts to delivery speeches on teen’s psychology health towards more than 5000 teens’ parents; secondly, organize psychology training for 500 head teachers by professional psychologists; thirdly, establish a consultation hotline and website targeting at teens consultation; fourthly, set up a professional psychological education workshop, allowing teachers to share their achievements and practices on psychology education and consultation.

Teens are the future of a country, we firmly believe that teens shall benefit more and grow up healthily with the support and concern from Skyblue Charitable Fund, SPAR Guangdong and more charitable companies. SPAR Guangdong continues focus on public charity.
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