SPAR GD Fresh Produce Specialty Store Unveiled

Published on: 2013-07-01
SPAR Guangdong Fresh Produce Specialty Store Unveiled
SPAR Guangdong fresh produce specialty store at eastern town-Mingmen Store- was formally unveiled its nameplate on June 13th, leaders from Zhongshan governmental bureaus and organizations and SPAR Guangdong Chairman Mr. Hu Jintai presented at the unveiling ceremony. The price of fresh produce in this store is averagely 15% lower than the average market price.

This fresh produce specialty store links the retail market with local fresh producer, which faster to market, less logistic and transportation cost, fresher and cheaper and therefore relief the living problem of local residence. On the other hand, in light of the smooth demand and supply chain for the fresh produce, the growers and farmers are assured of the sales of its products and its income. It’s learned that all fresh produce offered in this fresh produce specialty store of SPAR are purchased directly from own farmland. Coordinating with DC, PC and Store, a perfect "Vegetable Basket” supervision system has been set up for fresh produce production and distribution and sales, and a tracking system of the whole operation process from “farmland” to “table”. In this store, ranges consist of rice, oil, pork, poultry, egg and vegetables; the price is stable and cheaper than the price in wet market and the competitor store at around, especially in the panic buying season.

During 2011 and 2012, SPAR Guangdong has already launched 53 fresh produce specialty stores which are mainly located at the towns and districts in Dongguan. While this Mingmen Store opening means it expands and copies this retail model in other regions other than Dongguan. Up to now, SPAR Guangdong has totally 54 specialty stores specializing fresh produce.

Fresh produce specialty store has been defined as one of the TOP 10 livelihood projects by Guangdong province government. Zhongshan relevant departments are positively putting this strategy into practice, more 30 specialty stores are projected to open at the end of this year, and other two SPAR stores in Zhongshan also expected to start up this project.
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