SPAR GD Huizhou Shuikou Store Grand Open

Published on: 2015-02-09
Shuikou Store (4)
SPAR Guangdong Huizhou Shuikou Store Grand Open
SPAR Guangdong Huizhou Shuikou store grand opened on December 27 2014. It is located at Huachang Shopping Plaza, Longhu Ave., Shuikou Town, Huizhou, Guangdong. Shuikou Town is a new developed urban area at east of Huizhou city and Huachang Shopping Plaza is the most densely populated commercial zone in the region.

Fire a salute, cut ribbons, fly colorful flags, the store opening ceremony is officially kicked off at 08: 35. SPAR Guangdong Supermarket Limited VP Mr. Liang Zhonghua delivered his speech at the opening ceremony, he said, “the development potential at Shukou district, the new development zone at east of Huizhou city, should not be underestimated, we believe SPAR Shuikou store has bouyant prospects. SPAR Guangdong always put utmost efforts to serve local residents and improve the quality of living.”

SPAR Shuikou store is about 5500 sqm and positioned as a comprehensive supermarket, comfortable decorations, beautiful and dignified merchandising, well-organized products, offering shoppers with surprising and comfortable shopping experience. During the store opening period, the store organized many valued and interesting promotion programs at store, for instance, spend RMB 88 get soy sauce, laundry powder, toilet paper and umbrella; get RMB 5 or 10 valued coupon; buy one get one free; as well as many free gifts.

SPAR Guangdong Signs Agreements for New Retail Projects

SPAR Guangdong signs an official agreement with Zhongshan Ganghui Mall and Dalang Oriental Building respectively on December 27 2014 for new retail projects.

It is reported that Zhongshan Ganghui store is located at Times Ganghui Plaza, Gangkou Ave., Gangkou Town, Zhongshan City, this new project is going to be developed as a hypermarket and expected to open at the middle of year 2015. It is the fourth SPAR Store in Zhongshan as SPAR Guangdong operates 3 supermarkets, Century New City Store, Chengdong Mingmen Store, and Dongsheng Tongle Store in Zhongshan up to date. 

Dalang Oriental Store is located at No.107, Floor 1, Center City III, Oriental Building, South Yinlang Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan. This new project is going to be developed as a 400sqm lifestyle store and expected to open at the middle of year 2015.

SPAR Guangdong is growing rapidly in various regions in past years, according to information, SPAR Guangdong has already planed and entered agreement to build 13 new projects in Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Huizhou, Zhuhai and Zhongshan in the year of 2014. 

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