SPAR GD Launches a New Fresh Quality Store

Published on: 2018-06-25
SPAR Guangdong Launches a New Fresh Quality Store
On June 15 2018, SPAR Guangdong launches a new-state-of-the-art SPAR store in Dongguan as part of its Fresh Quality Store strategy program. With the growing demand for fresh produce, this store is jointly developed by the team of SPAR International, SPAR China and SPAR Guangdong to improve access to various shopping missions, product range, quality on the shelves and product availability through upgraded food supply chains. With a sales area of 1,300m2, the store has an extensive range of nearly 6,000 products, 80% of stock sold in store is food, and 50% is fresh produce. The store also makes use of innovative technologies such as self-checkout system to provide customer friendly and fast service.

SPAR Guangdong team celebrates the grand opening
Better Choice: 80% Food 
Better Service: Pleasant Environent + Low Shelves + Good Merchandising
Fresh Cut Fruits and Vegetables
Digital Marketing Campaigms to Interacte with Passionate Shoppers

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