SPAR GD Launches E-store

Published on: 2015-02-06
SPAR Guangdong Launches E-store on Weixin Platform
As the online retail is growing rapidly, traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are seeking opportunities to develop online retail channels and to explore new sales growth point. SPAR Guangdong’s e-store on weixin platform (Wei-store) nowadays goes alive with the intention to realize online offline integration, build multi-channel consuming experience, and finally achieve Omni-channel retail pattern by means of improving the basic service level and building up innovative IT technology.

Easy and Quick Operations Featured SPAR Guangdong's Wei-store 
In recent years, mobile retail has a significant performance and attracts many investment projects from traditional retailers, regional giant retailer SPAR Guangdong is now also testing its new built Wei-Store based on its existing public weixin account, offering local consumers with a new mobile shopping experience. 

Follow up the public account “SPAR Guangdong Store” (广东嘉荣超市) at Weixin app, click through the sub-menu “Wei-Store” at “About Company” at the bottom of the home page, you will find out SPAR Guangdong Wei-Store and shopping via your mobile devices. SPAR Wei-Store has selected 10 kinds of best selling products for your choice, among which, prepared 1 low price but valued products for group buying. Orders you placed can be paid through Weixin Payment once you connect your mobile phone number with your personal weixin account. During this testing period, orders placed at the Wei-Store will be delivered home free of charge. Local consumers are able to shop at any time any place. 

The launch of Wei-Store reflects SPAR Guangdong has almost complete its business channel development at both PC terminal and mobile devices, next step, SPAR Guangdong shall continue to improve the overall basic service level and IT construction, to urge online offline resources integration, and finally to realize Omni-channel retail pattern.

Logistics Goes Ahead, Build Up Multi-Channel Consumption Experience 
SPAR Guangdong O2O omni-channel retail is aim to seamless connect varies shopping experiences at different shopping channels and maximize the entertainments of shopping experiences by putting customers as the core and full utilizing all possible sales channels.
In fact, SPAR Guangdong has started its omni-channel retail plan early. In recent years, SPAR Guangdong has built up a 200,000 sqm advanced distribution center at Hongmei Town, launched online shopping mall, introduced mobile payment products, improved mobile Wei-Store, and multi-channel layout plan has almost completed up to date. 

It is learned that SPAR Guangdong is putting efforts to solve the problem of “last mile” delivery service. It aims to build up perfect offline store distribution network by taking advantages of advanced DC and uniting with hundreds of offline physical retail stores. Home delivery and Store Pick-up are two different order delivery patterns achieved at By solving the problem of “last mile” delivery, it is possible to place your order online and receive your parcel within 24 hours if the delivery address is within 3-5 miles surrounding SPAR stores.

Back to Retail Core: Products + Service
The emerging social network and mobile technology changes the retail development environment, the connection channels and interactions between retailers and consumers is everywhere and more diversified. 

SPAR Guangdong creates core categories and recommends best SKU for customers via Wei-Store. In addition, millions of online followers at public weixin account, and offline membership customers are great support to build up good SPAR brand reputations and promote SPAR private label products, furthermore, it is a good way to change the weak-relationship customers to be SPAR Guangdong loyalty customer. 

By achieving omni-channel retail strategy, SPAR Guangdong integrates the features of PC terminal, mobile devices and brick-and-mortar stores via the functional logistic network, customers can therefore choose different ordering platforms, payment methods, and orders pick-up modes for their easy shopping at any time any places. Traditional stores, call center, internet and smart phones are goods shopping channels ready for customers at SPAR Guangdong.
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