SPAR GD Marketing Event with Celebrity Du Jiang

Published on: 2017-12-27
SPAR GD Marketing Event with Celebrity Du Jiang
The well-known movie and TV actor Du Jiang burst onto the SPAR Humen Wanda Shopping Square as an ambassador for SPAR Guangdong and P&G Safeguard, interacting with fans and shoppers at the scene.

Dad! Where Are We Going? Season 5 is one of the most watched Chinese reality TV shows in this summer. Du Jiang, as one of the celebrity dads, has great personality and unique parenting ideologies, gained substantial popularity among audience. Proper hand hygiene is important for health, Du Jiang introduced six steps of proper hand washing, and spent amount of time playing games with children. Du Jiang commented: “This is my first time visiting Dongguan. I am very happy to visit SPAR Guangdong store, and very nice to meet so many fans. After the fans interactions on the stage, Du Jiang also walked into the store to promote the best seller of Safeguard. The selling area was crowded with people that they are so exciting to meet with their celebrity idol. Mr. Wang Xiaoqing, the deputy director of products center, SPAR Guangdong, presented a gift to Du Jiang for his visiting at SPAR Humen Wanda store.

This is a successful marketing event jointly organized by SPAR Guangdong and brand supplier Safeguard. SPAR Guangdong hopes to use celebrity’s power to influence more families; help the children to attain healthy habits and attitude, and encourage dads to spend more quality time with their children. SPAR Guangdong also tries to bring more positive energy and surprise for our shoppers.
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