SPAR GD New Store Grand Open

Published on: 2015-01-05
Pingzhendao Store Opening (3)
SPAR Guangdong Xiping Mizhendao Store Grand Open
SPAR Xiping Mizhendao Store is grand open on December 2, providing local residents with quality but low priced products, friendly customer service and pleasant shopping experience. This is the sixth new SPAR store unveiled in Guangdong this year.

SPAR Mizhendao Store is located at Xiping District, south part of Dongguan city, which is one of the most densely populated areas in the city, among which, most of the residents are white-collar workers and government employees with strong consumption power. At present, there are around 20 property projects under construction in this district; however, the commercial and shopping infrastructures are still on the move. Under this situation, the presence of SPAR Mizhendao Store will bring more convenience for local residents.

SPAR Mizhendao Store is developed as comprehensive supermarket with an area of 1200sqm, departments includes fresh, fruits, premium wine, international products, leisure food and more. Beautiful communications, vivid merchandising and standard shelf displaying at each department give a harmonious vision delight and comfortable shopping experiences in the store.

On the opening day, every corner of the store was thronged. People were delighted and pushed the full-loaded shopping trolley. A madam said, “I am very delighted to see the opening of SPAR as I am looking forward to. SPAR makes our life easier than before.” A family said, “This is the fourth time we shop here today. We have much spare time, this store is very beautiful and prices are not expensive, we get gifts in store today, so we shop many times at SPAR today.”

SPAR will help shoppers in need to deliver their goods home. SPAR Guangdong said, many elder people living in this community are preferred to shop at supermarket, but large volume of oil or rice are too heavy to be taken home, so SPAR’s home delivery service make shopping easier and demonstrates SPAR’s customer caring mission. 

During store opening period, SPAR Mizhendao Store implemented a series of big sales, discount, coupon, buy one get gifts promotion activities at store. Register a membership card during store opening period will get RMB 10 valued shopping coupon.
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