SPAR GD Open a New Hypermarket

Published on: 2016-06-08
SPAR Guangdong Open a New Hypermarket at Vanke City Plaza
Long-anticipated, SPAR Guangdong Houjie City Plaza store opens on April 16, this is the third SPAR store in the town of Houjie, setting a new tone for the commerce development of the town, and also creating an easier lifestyle for local citizens.

It is reported that Houjie City Plaza Store is the fourth joint store development program with Vanke. SPAR Guangdong and Vanke organized the opening ceremony on the day, SPAR Guangdong chairman Mr. Hu Jintai, vice chairman Mr. Liang Zhonghua and senior leaders of Dongguan Vanke Real Estate Co. attend the ceremony.

Mr. Liang Zhonghua, vice chairman of SPAR Guangdong, speaks at the ceremony, “SPAR Guangdong and Vanke strongly believe that brick-and-mortar stores are absolutely irreplaceable in spite of the increasing role of e-Commerce in retailing sector. Conventional retailing is more than selling products, but offer our customer diversified experiences and high-quality lifestyle. It’s a reflection of economy, society, culture, and pursuit of mental satisfaction. We had faith that, with our co-operative involvement with Vanke, the new store will offer top-end modern shopping experience for local citizens. ”

This new store is housed at the second floor of Vanke City Plaza, a hypermarket with an selling area of 6,000 square meters carrying a wide range of products under one roof, including fresh food, full grocery lines and general merchandise for our daily life, fulfilling the needs of different clusters of consumers and making easier life for them. Unique in-store layout, customer-centered signage system, clear categories assortment, organized merchandising practice, comfortable environment, and attractive shopping atmosphere. In addition, a special bay for import food from worldwide is designed to satisfy the needs of local middle-class office workers.
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