SPAR GD Open the First Two New Stores

Published on: 2016-10-11
SPAR Guangdong Open the First Two New Stores in Meizhou
SPAR Guangdong Meizhou Wanda Store unveiled on 23rd September, the first SPAR store after the entry into Meizhou market and the first project partnering up with Wanda Group. This move not only sets the tone for SPAR Guangzhou’s growth in Meizhou, but also create a easy and pleasant lifestyle for Meizhou citizens. SPAR Wanda Store, designed and developed as a hypermarket format, covers an operating area of 8,800 square meters on floor 2 and floor 3 of Wanda Mall, operates groceries, fashions and fresh food, totally 20,000 kinds of products available in store.

Followed SPAR Wanda store, SPAR Jailing Aoyuan store launched on 28th September, the second SPAR hypermarket in Meizhou. Aoyuan Store located at Aoyuan Square, Jiaoyang Ave., Jiaocheng Town, Meiling County, covering an total operation area of 10,000 square meters of 3 floors. The third SPAR store in Meizhou is expected to open soon in December.  SPAR Guangdong targets to open more new stores in Meizhou, totaling the operating areas to 40,000 square meters and providing more than 2,000 jobs in the coming 3 years.
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