SPAR GD Plans to Open 3 New Stores

Published on: 2016-06-08
SPAR Guangdong Plans to Open 3 New Stores in Meizhou
It is reported on April 11 that SPAR Guangdong highlights its investment focus from existing Dongguan area to the cities around Peal River Delta after the conclusion of strategic cooperation agreement with Wanda in previous days. To support business expansion in wider regions SPAR, Guangdong establishes a branch company in Meizhou and ties up with Meizhou Wanda Shopping Plaza. The first SPAR store housed in Wanda Shopping Plaza is about to be launched in September. Meanwhile, another two SPAR stores in Meizhou named SPAR Jiaoling Aoyuan and SPAR Wuhua Aoyuan are under preparation. SPAR Guangdong said, these 3 new locations are developed as hypermarket with Meizhou local features, including a unique Meizhou specialty bay catering to the needs of local citizens.
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