SPAR GD School Sponsorship

Published on: 2014-10-14
SPAR Guangdong Scholarship
SPAR Guangdong School Sponsorship to Encourage Students' Dream
On August 31st, it is the first day for students back school after their summer vocation and start up their new school term, SPAR Guangdong VP Mr. Liang Zhonghua visited Wanjiang Middle School, Dongguan and presented the scholarship for excellent students at the Y2014-Y2015 semester convocation ceremony.

It is not the first time for Mr. Liang partakes in the convocation ceremony of Wanjiang Middle School. According to information, SPAR Guangdong initiated the school sponsorship program since the year 2008, donates RMB 30,000 to support the excellent students every year. In addition, SPAR Guangdong has set up Primary School Scholarship Fund and donated RMB 30,000 every year up to year 2018 at Hongmei Town, Dongguan.

SPAR Guangdong has participated in many public good events to support children and kids growing in the past years. To support new migrants’ children plan, SPAR Guangdong has distributed scholarship for children in need, supported the site rental of new migrants service center, bought new facilities and equipments, organized sightseeing and outdoor activities for children, cared and supported children to have their own dreams.
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