SPAR GD Shatian Supermarket Opens Doors

Published on: 2012-02-28
SPAR GD Shatian Huanbao Supermarket Opens Doors
SPAR is delighted to announce the opening of its second supermarket in the town of Shatian, Guangdong, China. The 2000 m2 store opened its doors to shoppers on 2nd Jan., welcoming a lot of customers throughout the day. 

The operation area covers three floors, fresh, cigarette and wines on the first floor, food, home cleaning articles, daily use items, electrical household appliances are displayed on the second floor which low shelves are adapted affording a good view, general clothes are displayed on the third floor.
Since joining SPAR China, the Jiarong partner has used SPAR’s expertise in retail and private label development and retail design to deliver the best possible shopping experience for consumers. Jiarong is accelerating the pace of opening new supermarket. 16 new supermarkets has been opened since last February. SPAR China and SPAR Jiarong are expecting an increasing expansion and development in 2012.

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